About MixMyRx

As the first nationwide compounding pharmacy with a low-cost business model, our mission at MixMyRx is to make compounded medications affordable + accessible – saving patients up to 80% on their compounded meds, with free delivery across the US.

Think of us as the “Amazon for compounded medications”, providing a wide range of compounded prescription solutions and the highest-quality medications at competitive prices.

Given our state-of-the-art, high-volume compounding facility, it is easy for us to scale – meaning we can pass on big savings from buying active ingredients in bulk, investing in high-speed processing technologies as well as high-volume same-day shipping.

All of the active ingredients are third-party tested by FDA-approved laboratories in the US and our products come with a full certificate of analysis.

About Our Mission

At MixMyRx, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality compounded medications at an affordable price.

After all, no one should have to struggle if they can’t afford the medications they need to stay healthy, looking and feeling their absolute best. You shouldn’t have age in fear!

And let’s face it, health insurance is expensive… and a lot of people don’t have it! Yet even if you do have health insurance, most insurance plans don’t cover compounded medications – meaning patients end up spending thousands on medications out of pocket.

Patients may also have to settle for medications that aren’t compounded or bioidentical – meaning they get lower quality medicines that aren’t tailored to their specific needs.

At MixMyRx, we seek to change this… making compounded medications affordable and accessible – no insurance required, just transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy and you’re set.

With convenient, free, same-day shipping right to your door across the US… there’s no need to drive to a pharmacy and wait in line.

Plus our expert clinical pharmacists are available to support both you and your health provider in selecting the right dosage and formulation for your compounded medications so you get to enjoy optimal results.

About Our Team

Tuan Tran

CEO, Clinical Pharmacist

Passionate about keeping people young and healthy, Tuan Tran founded MixMyRx to introduce creative problem-solving in the field of compounding pharmacy. He originally became a pharmacist because he saw the need to work with doctors to save lives and contribute to society more effectively. As one of the few pharmacists in the Orlando area certified with a Sterile Compounding Permit, Tuan can compound even the most intricate formulations. This rare designation allows him to flex his creativity and provide innovative, individualized solutions for patients.

Jacqueline Nguyen

Operations Manager

As MixMyRx’s Operations Manager, Jacqueline Nguyen oversees the day-to-day operations of our entire staff and is experienced and compliant with both sterile and nonsterile compounding preparations. She is also responsible for developing software to ensure our product accuracy, maintain quality assurance to exceed the strict requirements. Because of her exceptional customer service and leadership experience, she is constantly encouraging her coworkers to expand their skills.

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Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions about starting your path back to health? Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if our approach is right for you.


At MixMyRx, our mission is to make compounded medications affordable + accessible – saving patients up to 80% on their compounded meds, with free delivery across the US. With convenient same-day shipping right to your door across the US... there’s no need to drive to a pharmacy and wait in line.

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Areas Served

MixMyRx is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves patients throughout the Greater Boston Area and Eastern Massachusetts. These areas include but are not limited to Suffolk County, MA, Norfolk County, MA and Revere, MA, Chelsea, MA, Somerville, MA, Cambridge, MA, Brookline, MA, Watertown, MA, Arlington, MA, and Medford, MA.

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