Shipping Policies & Procedures

If you are a new patient we will call you for your shipping address, billing information and email. If you are an existing patient and your practitioner calls in a prescription for you, we will call to confirm that you are ready for us to fill, charge, and mail out your prescription. If you do not want your credit card information kept on file you must notify us. Please note this will cause a delay in shipping your medication to you. All patients are responsible for updating any address, email and billing changes in a timely manner. We will attempt to call you if we are unable to process the credit card, but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility. Prescriptions will not be processed or made until we have received payment.

  • Once we receive a prescription from your doctor, we will call you to confirm if you would like your medications to be filled and mailed out by a mail carrier. We will ask which shipping timeline service you would like us to use for your mailing label options below. We will only mail out prescriptions to your residence if we get confirmation from you. If we cannot reach you we will not mail out until we get your approval to do so.

We accept Visa, Master card, AMEX and Discover. We accept FSA cards and HSA cards but please be aware that the flexible spending accounts do not cover shipping. You will need to provide a credit card for the shipping fee.

Be sure to provide your complete address. Failure to provide an address change, apartment number, suite number, or a building number can cause your package to be delayed and it would be an expense for which neither the shipper nor MixMyRx would be liable. Once delivery is confirmed by the shipper your package is considered delivered.

We will not be held responsible for delayed packages due to an "Act of God" which are weather conditions or disasters that prevent the shipper from making delivery. The Carrier has the right to leave a notice if they feel it is an unsecured location to leave the package. It's your responsibility to contact the carrier and make arrangements to retrieve the package.

We do not insure packages sent by mail carriers for shipping purposes and will not be held responsible for lost or damaged goods. Only if requested we will give tracking number of package sent out. We are not responsible for packages left outside or in P.O. Boxes for an excessive amount of time. It’s the patient’s responsibility to retrieve and properly store their medication. We will not reimburse or replace the product under these circumstances. You will be charged by us to replace the product along with all shipping fees.

If you have any questions regarding the shipping of your medication please contact us at or call us at 855-Mix-MyRx

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Areas Served

MixMyRx is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves patients throughout the Greater Boston Area and Eastern Massachusetts. These areas include but are not limited to Suffolk County, MA, Norfolk County, MA and Revere, MA, Chelsea, MA, Somerville, MA, Cambridge, MA, Brookline, MA, Watertown, MA, Arlington, MA, and Medford, MA.

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